Have a private Facebook group for WOBC Members only. This is group is for our members to receive updates from us, but better yet to collaborate and communicate with other WOBC members.

Offer a referral program that enables you to receive free banner advertising in the WOBC magazine. We give members receive 50% of all advertising in the WOBC magazine.

Have many paid services such as SNS ~ where we will promote one of your social networks for $30 for 30 days. We create a banner with your business name, links and logo that is yours to keep and will be promoted daily to our social networks.

Allow members to submit advertorials to the WOBC magazine. This is a great way to promote your business through the form of an article; whether you are looking for clients, new teams members or want to introduce a new product or service. Advertorials are $25 each and will be promoted daily as well.

Give each member a member profile on the WOBC website.

Design a Business Card Banner that is created for you and your

business that you are welcome to use. This banner is also posted

with information about your business on www.wobcmember.com.

We are happy to re-Tweet for  you when you use our Twitter

username  @womanownedclub in your Tweets.

Re-Pin for you, if you Pin to our board at: www.pinterest.com/womenownedclub/women-in-business. If you are not part of this board, please send a request by email to: membership@womenownedbusinessclub.com with your Pinterest profile and email address.

Allow you to post in the WOBC LinkedIn group, that you may post in daily as well. This LinkedIn group is a great way to start conversations and is a mixture of WOBC members and fellow women entrepreneurs. Please be sure to join this LinkedIn group and post once a day about your business or share important information and knowledge that you think the other members would find interesting. You can join at: www.linkedin.com/groups/Women-Owned-Business-Club-4231906

Have a Women in Business Facebook group as an additional area in which a WOBC member may post about their businesses each day. As a WOBC member you may post randomly into this group as well as post under the daily pinned posts or relevant threads. 

Offer Free WOBC eProducts that will teach you about social media and how to market your business more effectively. 

Give you the opportunity to submit articles to the WOBC magazine that will help you be recognized as an expert in your field. The articles you submit are also promoted daily as well to the WOBC subscribed audience of over 10.1 million and to our social networks. There is no charge to participate.

Have our membership directory open to the public to give you the maximum exposure. This directory is viewed more than 500k times per month. Being a member of an organization where the directory is open to only members we do not believe has any value.

Provide product reviews for our members at no charge; which are published in the WOBC magazine and are also promoted for 30 days.

Women Owned Business Club is an organization dedicated to promoting women in business through social media.

In addition to promoting our members to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest; we also:

Member Benefits