WOBC provides social media marketing education tips & tricks for WOBC Members.
We inspire and connect ambitious entrepreneurial women specifically for their business needs.

If you are promoting on the internet through Social Media, the most important thing is your connections. If you do not have any, no one will see what you have to offer. The WOBC has 17.1 million connections alone just for the Women Owned Business Club between LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

The WOBC is dedicated to helping women around the world get the word out about their business via social media and we are continuously educating ourselves and our team to bring our members better products and services to help you achieve your dreams and make millions selling your products and services.

We have created an atmosphere of comfort, community and a safe zone for our members to come to ask questions and get advice. We are building a family of women entrepreneurs. Surround yourself with like minded women, who understand what you want and need from your business so that you may live the life you dream of. Learn More
Women Owned Business Club promotes its members daily to an audience of over 17.1 million.

WOBC memberships

WOBC brings together women all over the world to share business  experiences and ideas.

Women Owned Business Club Magazine is a Business, Career and Lifestyle Online Magazine that was created as an additional platform for WOBC members to showcase their businesses, services and products.

WOBC Magazine offers women information about the issues that affect us every day: Relationships, Business, Health and Beauty, Fitness, and more. This information is offered from the perspective of a Woman in Business. The WOBC Magazine is on a mission to build the Female Business Brands for entrepreneurs, executives and investors.