Women Owned Business Club Magazine is a Business, Career and Lifestyle Online Magazine that was created as additional platform for WOBC members to showcase their businesses, services and products through their words.

WOBC Magazine offers women information about the issues that affect us every day: Relationships, Business, Health and Beauty, Fitness, and more. This information is offered from the perspective of a Woman in Business. The WOBC Magazine is on a mission to build the Female Business Brands for entrepreneurs, executives and investors.

The WOBC is dedicated to helping women around the world get the word out about their business. No matter what phase your business is in, we have the perfect membership for you. Let us help you achieve your dreams and make money selling your products and services.

If you are promoting on the internet through Social Media, your business connections are very important. The WOBC has 17.1 million connections alone just for the Women Owned Business Club between LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.