Our Magazine

Women Owned Business Club Magazine is a Business, Career and Lifestyle Online Magazine that was created as additional platform for WOBC members to showcase their businesses, services and products through their words.

WOBC Magazine offers women information about the issues that affect us every day: Relationships, Business, Health and Beauty, Fitness, and more. This information is offered from the perspective of a Woman in Business. The WOBC Magazine is on a mission to build the Female Business Brands for entrepreneurs, executives and investors.

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​​Christine Lynch

President & Co-Founder

Women Owned Business Club

Christine is a social media marketing strategist and business marketing expert. She has been recognized for her entrepreneurial, management and interpersonal skills. She has over 10 years experience in human resources & business management, as well as an extensive background in website and graphic design. 

Our Mission

To empower women daily by offering affordable services to help them promote, market and advertise their businesses, website(s), book(s), blog(s), product(s) or service(s) through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as connecting to us, connecting them to each other while supporting and encouraging one another.

About Us

The Women Owned Business Club (WOBC) is a woman owned business and social networking organization, created due to the need of cost effective advertising and promotional services. The Women Owned Business Club has evolved into an online business platform designed for women owned businesses and women in business. ​We provide exceptional benefits to members, making their membership a valuable business investment. Please visit our Member Benefits page for details on what benefits are offered for each membership.

​​​Lisa Montalva

CEO & Co-Founder

Women Owned Business Club

Lisa inspires women to take action! She is an entrepreneur, mentor, speaker and business leader. Lisa is devoted to inspiring and empowering women entrepreneurs. Prior to founding Women Owned Business Club, she worked in Human Resources for 22 years.