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The Premium Membership Includes a 1st in Search Results Business Directory Listing that is geographically targeted and ready to rank well in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. This listing includes your business name, website, address, phone number, social network links, and a choice of 10 sub-business categories.

Being a Promotional Membership as stated above the Premium Membership includes promotional posts about your business to our WOBC Social Networks by Region; Facebook & Twitter 3 Days a week. This level also allows you to Post in the Women In Business FB Group with over 20k women in business, and the Sales, Events & Promotions FB Group. You may also post Events, Classifieds, Ratings & Reviews (about your business), Coupons, YouTube Uploads, Product Listings & SoundCloud Uploads; which are all attached to your business directory. 

As a Premium Member, you are promoted to the networks below. 


Premium Membership

The internet is the largest tool to reach people that you would never be able to connect with if you went to a live event. When you join the Women Owned Business Club you will have all your important business links and information in one place for all to see. If you are a woman in business you should be listed in the Women Owned Business Club.

Our Social Network are as follows:

The Premium Membership Includes:

  • All Member Features + Member Center
  • Promoted 3 Days a Week to WOBC Social Networks in your Region
  • Geo Targeted Business Listing
  • 1st in Business Directory Search Results
  • Choose Up to 10 Categories
  • List Website & Social Networks
  • Private WOBC Member FB Group
  • Access to Women In Business FB Group *Over 20k Members
  • Access to Sales & Promotions FB Group (open member only group)
  • Submission of Coupons & Classifieds
  • Adding Your Products & Services to your Business Listing
  • Receive Ratings & Reviews
  • Publishing of Ratings & Reviews​

Premium Membership $485 Annually   

The WOBC Premium Membership by far is the most popular "promotional" membership we offer. Being a Promotional Membership; this membership promotes your business three days week to our networks located in your Region. In addition, it gives full access to all member features and benefits. If you want your business seen on a regular basis, then this is the membership for you!