The WOBC Social Media Management Membership includes social media management of your business social networks; content & banners created specifically for your business posted 2 times a week to your business social networks. In addition to advertising your business to our social networks; which includes promotional posts about your business to our WOBC Social Networks by Region; Facebook & Twitter 5 Days a week plus Monthly support. You will also receive a Geographically Targeted Business Directory Listing; which includes your business name, website, address, phone number, and social network links and a choice of 10 sub business categories.

With this membership, we pay close attention to what you have going on social media. In addition to increasing your visibility on the internet, we give weekly attention to your business social network pages; we like, retweet, and share your business posts that are relevant to your business in which you joined. This brings the attention of our audience to you on a weekly basis. If that is not enough, the monthly "Business Check-in Call" is by far one of the best highlights of this membership. This call will help you with all aspects of membership as well as help keep you accountable and productive. As a WOBC Member you may Post in the Women In Business FB Group, the Sales, Events & Promotions FB Group, WOBC Private Member FB Group and Submit articles to WOBC Magazine. You may also post Events, Classifieds, Ratings & Reviews (about your business), Coupons, YouTube Uploads, Product Listings & SoundCloud Uploads; which are all attached to your business directory.

The WOBC - Social Media Management Membership includes:

Content & banners created specifically for your business posted 2 times a week to your business social networks of Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn and posted 1x a week to Instagram if you have one. (*Instagram must be a business account)

Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - *Instagram  (*Instagram must be a business account)

  • Content posted to all 4 (or less) Business Social Network Pages listed above
  • Individualized content creation, specifically crafted for your business
  • Promotion of your products and services to your social networks
  • Social profile optimization for maximum impact and search benefits
  • Branded banners, quotes, pictures, and website promotions each week
  • Posts shared into FB groups to encourage likes, engagement, and exposure

In addition to:

  • Facebook posts 5 days a week: (Mon - Fri): WOBC Facebook in your Region 
  • Twitter posts 5 days a week: (Mon - Fri): WOBC Twitter in your Region
  • Weekly attention to your social networks. This includes likes, retweets and post sharing.
  • 30 Minute - Monthly "Business Check-in Call"
  • All Features + Member Center
  • Geo-Targeted Business Listing
  • 1st in Search Results
  • Choose Up to 10 Categories
  • List Website & Social Networks
  • Submit Coupons & Classifieds
  • Add Your Products & Services
  • Submit Business Promotions
  • Receive Ratings & Reviews
  • Publish Events & Videos
  • WOBC Member Only eProducts
  • Publish Articles to WOBC Magazine
  • Access to Private WOBC Member FB Group 
  • Access to Women In Business FB Group *Over 20k Members
  • Access to Sales & Promotions FB Group (open member-only group)

The WOBC Social Media Management Membership is hands down the best membership we have. The reason for this is because it gives you the best of both worlds. It offers all the benefits of the VIP Membership including being advertised and promoted to our social networks 5 days a week. In addition, we manage your online presence for your business social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter by creating and publishing content and images for you and posting them for you as your business. With that said.. we also provide support, exposure of all aspects of your business as well as engagement and influence. So what are you waiting for? Improve your online presence today with the WOBC  Social Media Management Membership.

The internet is the largest tool to reach people that you would never be able to connect with if you went to a live event. When you join the Women Owned Business Club you will have all your important business links and information in one place for all to see. If you are a woman in business you should be listed in the Women Owned Business Club.

You may upgrade or downgrade at any time. To view our other memberships please visit our  Join  page.

Social Media Management Membership - $275 Monthly